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The Search For My Words

I’ve been a blog-lite blogger lately. Oh, yeah. And by “lite” I mean about 1000 miles away from being motivated to move fingers over my keyboard.

Having your marriage shit-canned by a bad guy douchebag can have that affect on a person. But, hey! On the plus side, he’s now someone else’s problem.

But it’s been hard, sitting at my laptop to have this happen:

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I like words. A lot. Some words I like better than others. Some words I use every day. Some words only come out for special occasions. Some words I tire of easily.

I’m thinking of some one word in particular right now. 

And sometimes, words written by someone else? They totally float my canoe.


Got a quote that saw you through a tough time? Or made you laugh? I can use either or both. *grin*

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Who Said That?

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I say “they” are getting their dog from the wrong pound.

This post is not about dogs.

It’s about blogs. Specifically, it’s about my blog. Even more specifically, it’s about my blog post length.

I set myself a word-pool depth of around 750 words* to a post.

Whoever is standing behind me, reading over my shoulder laughing…please stop doing that.

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