The Girl In The Glasses


My idea of blogging involves a dry sense of humor, a healthy splash of sarcasm, a critical eye to the bizarre, and a love of all things ridiculous.

And if it looks fabulous and costs less than a car payment, I’ll be writing about it.

I will deliver it up straight in posts of 750 words, or less. Seriously. I’m an introvert. I can so do this.

You want more? Okay then.

I love words but I’m a lousy Scrabble player.
I support gay rights. Because that’s just right.
I can dance your ass off.
I love all things design-y. That’s a word. Right?
I was married to someone with NDP (narcissist personality disorder.) Now I’m not.
I don’t believe in god. I respect those who do…as long as they respect that I don’t.
I played the part of Bunny, the unconscious hooker, in a production of Neil Simon’s “California Suite” to sitting ovation.
I’m carb-friendly.
I’m pro-choice and not just for abortion.
I’m seriously thinking about getting a tattoo.
I like crunchy peanut butter.
I like Coke (the kind that goes in a glass, not up your nose.)
I change up my blog theme as often as I change my mind.
If I was American I’d be a Democrat.
I’m a news and politics junkie.
I don’t have cable. I’m all about the Internet, baby.
I’m a Field Reporter for The Nudge Wink Report.
I have a motto: not my circus; not my monkey.
I like Twitter…but I won’t discriminate against those who don’t.
I was an east coast girl. Now I’m a west coast woman.
I’m very nice. Ask anyone.
And I will always answer yes to the question…do you want fries with that?

16 thoughts on “The Girl In The Glasses”

    1. Hi Ally. Thank you so much. How very nice of you! While I’d love to accept, I couldn’t single out just 15 blogs. There are so many that deserve attention. What I would like to do is write up a post about the award, with a link to your site. Hope that works for you. *smile*

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  1. Like it or not, you’ve been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award.

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