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Who Said That?

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I say “they” are getting their dog from the wrong pound.

This post is not about dogs.

It’s about blogs. Specifically, it’s about my blog. Even more specifically, it’s about my blog post length.

I set myself a word-pool depth of around 750 words* to a post.

Whoever is standing behind me, reading over my shoulder laughing…please stop doing that.

I said I'm going to try brief blogs. I never said anything about touching.
I said I’m going to try brief blogs. I never said anything about touching.

But today I had an epiphany of epic proportions! Just because I pulled 750 out of my butt, who’s to say I have to write exactly 750 words?

Why not 500? Or 250? Maybe just a sentence?

Yes. I want to know. WHO SAID THAT!?

Okay, I said that but now I’m saying that it’s my blog and if I want to change the rules, who’s to know? Other than anyone reading this particular post and you’re fabulous so I know you won’t say anything rude.

So that’s what’s going to happen. I don’t know when it’s going to happen. It could be tomorrow. It could be next week.


But then again, it might. You need to be prepared. Just. In. Case.

I suggest you take whatever is your device of choice with you everywhere. Even into the bathroom.

Because when it happens, you’ll want to comment. And when you do comment, please keep it brief.

I’ll need the inspiration.

Left to your natural state, what’s your blogging style?

*229 words


31 thoughts on “Who Said That?”

  1. 800 words used to be my magic number. If my missive landed in that general area I felt so proud of myself, even if the content was utter drivel. Like you, however, a light bulb went off. (The shards are still embedded in my forehead.)

    Now the trick is how to formulate the click bait to entice a visit to read a 12-word post?


    1. Light bulbs are dangerous. I usually try to stay as far away as possible but sometimes you can’t duck quick enough.

      Click bait. Love it! I’d say for such a brief blog post, an expertly crafted title is a must. So, you’ll do very well.

      PS — Blackest pen???


  2. Good question. I think my natural state would be to write 1,000-2000 word posts with long paragraphs. I used to do that in the beginning but so many readers actually told me they would groan when they’d see another long post. Just what were they trying to tell me? Maybe I should just slap up a few images and call it good for my next post?


    1. I hear WordPress has started a “long reads” section. I’m going to look into that for those days when I can seem to put a plug in it. *grin*

      But this is a good topic for a post. Do we blog for us or for others? 1,500 words. GO!

      And give the images only post a try. Sometimes thinking up captions can be the best part of my day.

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        1. Here’s a link to a Daily Post article. And a snippet of what they say about long form:

          “We’d love to surface more longform writing here on, so please tag your longer pieces with #WPLongform so we — and the rest of the community — can find them.”

          And a link to long reads:

          “Publishers, writers, you can share links to your favorite essays and interviews (over 1,500 words) on Twitter (#longreads) and on by tagging your posts longreads.”

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          1. Good point about the long reads. Generally, when I see an over 1000 word post I give an involuntary groan. Not that I don’t do it, because I do. And not that I don’t always love what I read from my faves, like y’all. But everybody’s busy so I’m trying to be more succinct.

            Writing a column for the local paper, which I started yesterday, has me really thinking about this because I HAVE to write in a very narrow range. (Notice how I casually, seamlessly worked a plug for myself into a totally unrelated comment? Cuz that’s how I do.)

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            1. One of the things I enjoyed most when working on a project is editing. Love it.

              Good on you for starting your own column. Is the paper online? Where can we go to read it? Because with a comment segue like that, how can we not want to plunder your plug.

              Sorry. That sounded ruder than intended.


              1. It is online, but I think you have to subscribe to the paper to access it. Oh, well. It’s just more of the same drivel I do around here, so you’re not missing anything.

                Not sure how I feel about having my plug plundered…


                1. What you do is not just drivel. At the very least it’s prime drivel. That’s the best kind of drivel to have. Or maybe I’m confusing you with a Dremel…but I hear that’s a top-of-the-line tool, too. *grin*


  3. I try to keep them under 1000 words, but seldom succeed. In blog posts as in comments, I have a tendency to just go on and on (and on). If I do post one of a mere 1000 words, you can rest assured that I whittled it down from 1500 with some critical editing. I’m just a damn windbag.
    On a side note, I thought I asked you quite nicely not to use my mesh undies photo in your blog – it was sent to you for your personal enjoyment, I hadn’t intended for it to become eye-candy for your scores of readers. Now people will be wanting me to jump out of cakes and meet their single sisters-in-law (who always have a great personality).

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    1. A windbag maybe. But full of lovely hot, moist, air. You’re like the tropical storm of bloggers. And I appreciate it…being buried under about 6 ft. of snow.

      Yes, yes. I know. But when I saw the picture I decided I shouldn’t be the only one to bask in the glory of the junk in your trunk. Besides, your wife sent it to me and if she’s okay with it…*grin*


  4. The picture made me say, “ewwwwww.” Not only is it grungy but…a size 32 AAA if it was a breast???

    I write between 17 + words, according to my mood. But I try to write no more than 2 pages if I were printing it out single space, which is about 1000 words. Of course, I’ve exceeded that. Again, according to my mood. 🙂


  5. I think 750-1000 words is good. Much beyond 1000 words and I think lots of people will lose interest. Honestly I don’t really know where most of mine end up. But remember its not always about the length of the blog, sometimes its about the width… or is it the depth… or is it the…. nevermind…


    1. Experience tells me 750, article length, is a good rule of thumb. I guess it is what it is and you can’t force something to be what it’s not. As I decided today, there are no rules.

      You have a good point about length. I think it’s more important to go for girth. If you catch my not so subtle gist. *quirks eyebrow at screen*


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