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I Don’t Like This. Can We Stop Now?

I’ve lived my entire life in a part of the world where there is serious winter weather.

And somehow over the years, I’ve managed to convince myself that the six months of lovely, warm, for a few days smoking hot, with an acceptable number of sunny days, weather that arrives in May and lasts through to October (sometimes November) is worth the misery of the other five to six months when it’s cold and windy and snow arrives weekly.

“The girl at the shelter said I’d have a good life. Get me the number for the fraud squad.”

Like one of those gifts you buy for the special people in your life? You know what I’m talking about. That box of chocolates or bottle of wine or flower arrangement that gets delivered to your door weekly for one entire year.

I’d like to meet those people and give them a big squishy hug. Because they get what giving is all about. It’s not a day here, a day there. They want you to feel special every day. And maybe get you fat and drunk, but that’s a different conversation.

If one of those people ever think about doing something so sweet like that for me?

Don’t do that. Do this instead:

…two weeks in Cabo, all inclusive, with a swim-up bar and all-you-can-eat BBQ. Cute guys optional. Attentive bar staff mandatory.

Because the images below, while pretty and a weather moment that makes skiers hot for “Christie,” leaves me cold. *tries to wink at that joke but eyelids are frozen*

I’m happier and look better in less. (This is an untouched photograph of someone who is not me. But it could be. Except I’d be wearing my cowboy hat.)


What season makes you happiest?
Ever upped and moved just for the weather?

22 thoughts on “I Don’t Like This. Can We Stop Now?”

  1. I’ve always lived in places with cold, cold winters. I’ve started to wonder if that’s a mistake. I’m constantly looking at life and trying to figure out ways to get more done and manage my motivation and it took me a long time to realize hibernating for five months of winter might be a pretty big thing to consider skipping.


    1. For me it’s about what makes me feel good. And figuring out how to make that happen. I love the sun and the warm. Even humid. I have more energy when covered in beads of perspiration than when shivering in cold. I’ve made the decision to move somewhere snow-free, like the west coast. I’ll exchange snow for rain no problem. Now I have to figure out how to get from here to there.


  2. I’ve also always lived in Northern states with lots of cold and snow. I tell myself the same thing, that I like the winter at least the early months. And I think I really do… but damn when those warm months finally show up it sure is nice. Can’t imagine moving though because of it… maybe someday I’ll think differently.


    1. Last year was a big year for me. The end of my marriage not the least of it. Being on my own for the first time in my life, out in the country, living at the whim of the weather is not how I want to live. It’s hard being alone when it’s forced upon you because you can’t get out your driveway. While I like solitude, I need it to be because I want time alone, not because I have no other option. Living in a place I can get outdoors every day, meet people, get back into photography…it’s what I need right now. I understand why people enjoy winter. It really can be quite beautiful. But. I won’t miss it. *smile*


  3. I am a Texan, all the way to my bones. I am a third generation Texan in fact, my roots go deep. Living in Dallas, instead of South Texas means I must suffer through their cold winters (I know, not cold like you have). I hate it here! I hate anything below 65, if it gets below 50 I think I am in Hell.

    What season is best? Summer!

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  4. I have such mixed emotions when it comes to winter. I hate it because I am ALWAYS freezing. But I love the soft stillness of a good fluffy snowfall. I suppose as long as I’m inside I’m good. Would I ever move to a warmer place? HELL YEAH. Only 9 more years until my daughter’s in college and then I am gone with the wind, baby.

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    1. Sounds like you have a solid plan to get from “chilly” to “chillin'” if you get my (snow) drift. I look at it this way…if you live somewhere more temperate, there’s always the Internet if you need a winter fix. It’s always snowing somewhere, right? *grin*


  5. I like the four seasons. Last year in Maine we had a brutal winter with record snowfall. I like snow but below zero temps are not my fav. I love snow storms on the weekend when I don’t have to go out. I’m really an indoor person at heart, so that is another thing that is appealing about winter. I think Hawaii would be boring. All that paradise day after day…..


  6. Don’t know how I missed this gem, boss.

    I love having seasons and I’m really ambivalent about winter. I hate it, but then I tell myself that everybody who leaves is a wussy-baby/girly-man. My poor fingers are frozen as I type this, which means I should go get some hot tea instead of the Diet Coke that I really want.

    But did I mention that I hate the cold?

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    1. More like cubic zirconia. 🙂 I plan on heading to the west coast where it rarely gets below freezing and hardly ever snows. I’ll pull on my big girl panties and accept being called a wussy-girly-man-baby if it means no more of this. *thumbs up and big grin*


  7. I was raised Laura Ingalls Wilder style on a NY farm where winters sucked and three woodburing stoves ran non stop. Twenty years in DC has been milder, but at this age living in a climate where there are oceans made of lava and hot coals for sand is starting to sound better and better.


  8. I too have always lived where the winters are fierce, but now I’m in a place where it turns out it’s even fiercer. I enjoyed it for a hot second (irony unintended), until I became worried that the roof would cave in from too much snow. But then again, I also hate those long burning hot summers. When I was little, I told myself I would become a millionaire, so I could fly to the Caribbean…and when I got too hot, I would fly to Antarctica and lay in the snow for a few minutes. Then straight back to the Caribbean again. When I voiced this dream to my mother, I think that’s when she taught me the word “moderation.” Obviously, I continue to reject such a ridiculous idea, so I’m rooting for you and your vacation in Cabo!!


    1. I’ll take your long burning hot summer and trade you my freezing cold winter. *grin* I think your childhood dream of becoming rich would work just fine for me…except I’d cancel the flight to Antartica and go to Las Vegas instead. You know…dry air instead of humid air. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’re staying warm!


  9. Spring, Summer and Fall are my favorite seasons. I also live where it’s cold in the winter and I’m still waiting for it to end. We had flurries here in Ohio this morning. I’ve never just upped and moved for the weather but maybe when I retire I’ll be on a beach sipping some rum drinks. Fingers crossed!


  10. I grew up in Minnesota, where the below zero weather convinced me it was time to bail. I escaped to Oregon almost 40 years ago – and yes, trading below zero for rain works for me.


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