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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I like words. A lot. Some words I like better than others. Some words I use every day. Some words only come out for special occasions. Some words I tire of easily.

I’m thinking of some one word in particular right now. 

And sometimes, words written by someone else? They totally float my canoe.


Got a quote that saw you through a tough time? Or made you laugh? I can use either or both. *grin*

28 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday”

    1. My Latin is a bit rusty and dusty. A bit like me right now. *grin*

      But I think you’re saying…words like these don’t let you down? That or going down is illegal. In that case, I’ll move forward and ever upwards.


    1. I like that one! Now that the Mister has up and left, I’ve been fixing up things around the bungalow that he was too freaking lazy to do…like replace a rotten board on the deck at the front door. Did that today. Used a hammer and nails. Took five minutes.

      I totally rock. *big grin*


        1. What I forgot to mention is the rotten board was held down with screws. So I had to use a power drill to remove them.

          Hand tools AND power tools. I’m equal to any task. *grin*


    1. Hi there. Thanks for stopping by.

      This post was a bit of a teaser. Some close bloggers now know but not the country, the world, the universe…why I haven’t been blogging lately.

      Such a cliche. *sigh*

      I discovered two months ago that my Mister is a cheater and a liar. There. I finally wrote it down. Maybe I should write it in caps…

      Longish, yet funny, blog post to come. Now I bet you’re glad you asked. *big grin*

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      1. Well, I’m genuinely sorry about the situation. That kind of thing is never easy to go through.

        It does sound like an intriguing story though, and long, funny blog posts are always good. I’m waiting with interest…


    1. If only I’d known sooner. I found out June 30 my Mister was cheating on me with the wife of a couple we met in Italy back in 2013. Emotional affair for over a year and a half, texting, Skyping, emailing, secret phone, etc. What a cliche. We spent a month with this couple on our recent trip to Sicily, so the affair turned sexual. The past two months have been a ride from Hell and back again. One doozie of a blog post to come and then I’m done with him. Because he is so not worth any more time or attention from me. *major eye roll*


      1. Oh, my God! I am so sorry! What a douche. I thought something was up when you posted photos for a month and then quit for a while. And to think, Danny really wanted to take you up on your offer and visit you while in Italy. I wonder if I would have suspected anything. I get vibes from people, sometimes.
        You need a vacation after your vacation! Take him to the cleaners and plan another trip.


        1. I would take him to the cleaners but we/he is not that rich. Our combined income was just enough to meet our needs with some travel, like the extended trips to Italy. Now we’re both going to suffer financially but I kept the house, I’m thinking of opening an Etsy shop with my knitted cowls, and renting our a guest cottage on AirBNB next summer, for the season. And I’ll have to kick up my freelance work to make ends meet. Overall, the situation sucks but it sucks less every day. I’m at Day Six of seeing him slink out the door and life is getting a bit better every day. *thumbs up*


  1. I read your comment section, I am sorry. There are many many quotes that are applicable, being in the second year of recovering from this one. Quote from me…it gets a great deal better, truly. Most of the other quotes I have, well they aren’t very polite. I have folders full of them with the Meme’s that go along with them.

    Here is one for you though: I have found the key to happiness, stay away from idiots.


    1. Well said! I find the most challenging thing for me right now is to try to not go over, and over, and over, in my mind, what went wrong. Did I do or not do something and would it have made any difference? I’m learning that the answer is no. People make choices. He chose to have an affair and lie and cheat about it for over a year and a half. He has issues and every day I remind myself that I’m better off now he’s gone. It’s going to be hard on me financially and emotionally but the man is toxic, feels no shame, showed no remorse. Actually said he didn’t know why we couldn’t stay married as we had a “good life” with travel, etc. and we got along, so why can’t we stay together while he has “close relationships” outside the marriage. As my daughter said, he’s such a cliche.


      1. I had similar discussions with my now ex. Why couldn’t he take periodic ‘vacations’ from our marriage? Why couldn’t he ‘do his thing’, while I carried the load of responsibility and burden of keeping all home fires burning on both ends.

        Believe me, It hurts for a while. But only for a while. Do not wonder what you did wrong, the answer is nothing at all. Some people simply are not right. The one thing I will tell you though, it is important because you will need it.

        Do not allow yourself to brush the good memories with what is hurtful or bad. What made you smile, what made you laugh, what glowed and felt wonderful, keep those. Whatever he did underneath, this doesn’t actually change your initial memory or how you felt originally. Keep all the good separate will let you get back to feeling wonderful much quicker. Nothing is all one thing or the other, not ever.


        1. Sounds like you had a similar experience. I was completely blindsided by this…where he had months and months to know something was going to happen. It’s really kind of icky. I’m trying hard not to let him ruin some of those memories. But there are some things I just couldn’t keep around…like the gift of a Danish flag banner from HER, my supposed friend, just before we flew home mid June. I had it hanging over my desk when I found out he was cheating with her. I set it on fire down at the beach. 🙂

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          1. Yeah, I get that! Somethings, they just need to be appropriately purged. I was blindsided also, after 17 years it brought me to my knees, but as they say I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. I wrote about it, not a great deal but I wrote about it. He read what I wrote, stalked my blog for months. Still stalks my blog, two years later. My common response when he doesn’t like something, ‘I hope you find what you wish for, what you need. I hope you find happiness.’ This disarms him.

            If you need to talk, email me. My email is on my blog, I have been exactly where you are.


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