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Why I No Longer Buy Designer Jeans

I no longer buy designer jeans.

[pause for shocked reaction and/or muffled snort of laughter]

It was an extremely difficult decision to make.

However, after much internal debate, bending and twisting into all three of the yoga poses I know, running up and down the numbers in my bank account, two full pitchers of martinis (with matching olives) and flipping through my 1,297 back issues of Vogue, I came to the conclusion that I can no longer pull off this look all day, every day:


These days, I’m more plain old Levis. Easier on my bank account and my back.

Are you fashion forward or can fashion kiss your ass? What makes you comfortable?



22 thoughts on “Why I No Longer Buy Designer Jeans”

  1. I think I dress nicely when I choose to, but no, I don’t buy name brand fashion stuff. Kohl’s, Marshall’s and Goodwill my stores of choice! A lot depends on your environment, in my little corner of the world people think I dress pretty well, but put me in some fancy urban area and I’d probably be labeled frumpy. And Levi’s are fine, they have plenty of fashionable options. Just don’t start wearing “MOM” jeans… please God, no!

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    1. I’ve read your blog. You clean up real good. *grin* Up in my neck of the woods, it’s Winners or Value Village (Goodwill). And my closet staple is now a clean (mostly) pair of jeans and a white tee shirt with kicking it kicks (sneaks). If I want to feel really special, I’ll match my underwear. PS – I feel about Mom jeans like I feel about Crocs. *cranky face*

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  2. Too wearing, all that swishing of hair and pouting. Gives you lip wrinkles. Now, for jeans, it’s Frenchy’s. All manner of jeans under $10 bucks. No guilt, no pressure to live up to the spendy and trendy. Also, I know that I look like a 57-year-old woman in everything I wear. Very freeing. (And you know that model looks at those photos and thinks she looks like a complete dork.)

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    1. I’ve found that I actually prefer the less expensive jeans. They seem to fit better. And I’ve decided I don’t like any stretch in my jeans. If they are too tight, I go up a size. Jean shopping…yum. *grin*

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  3. Designer jeans all the way! I have jeans from Lucky, 7 for all Mankind and Rag & Bone and a couple from Gap and Levis for doing work around the house. I think the pricier ones fit and look better. Even if that’s just my perception, feeling that way adds confidence. And that goes a long way.


    1. I buy what fits, which is sometimes a challenge as I’m tall. My favorite jeans have all been found at Marshall’s or Winners. If I’m lucky, maybe my next pair will be from “Lucky.” *grin*

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