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Why I No Longer Buy Designer Jeans

I no longer buy designer jeans.

[pause for shocked reaction and/or muffled snort of laughter]

It was an extremely difficult decision to make.

However, after much internal debate, bending and twisting into all three of the yoga poses I know, running up and down the numbers in my bank account, two full pitchers of martinis (with matching olives) and flipping through my 1,297 back issues of Vogue, I came to the conclusion that I can no longer pull off this look all day, every day: Continue reading “Why I No Longer Buy Designer Jeans”

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Blogdramedy Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore

Everywhere I go, look, read, I see this headline:

[Fill in the blank with the name of a celebrity] Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore

BDheadshot copyAnd usually when you click on the link, they look exactly the same except they’ve changed from lip stick to lip gloss, or decided to wear boxers instead of briefs. Or they’re promoting a movie and are in costume. So I thought I’d try the same teaser headline to tell you that I don’t look like my avi anymore. Continue reading “Blogdramedy Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore”


The Epitome of Old-School Cool

A friend who knows I’m seriously into black & white photography sent me a selection of images that made me swoon for the old days of cool.

I’ll keep my comments concise and let the images speak for themselves.

Paul Newman. A man to make you slip your clutch.

Continue reading “The Epitome of Old-School Cool”