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Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This

Ever have one of those days where you wake up and the weather is perfect, and you don’t do much with your hair but it looks artfully disheveled yet fabulous, and when you get dressed your clothes feel just a wee bit loose, like you’ve lost a few pounds, and the $1.99 lipstick you bought at the drugstore, which you weren’t sure was a good shade for you ends up being the best lipstick color ever, and you drive into work and score the parking spot right next to the door, and when you arrive in the office your boss calls you into their office and offers you a raise AND a promotion, and the day sails by and you get home and your significant other offers to run you a warm bath and asks if you’d like a glass of bubbly to sip while they make supper. And then they give you a back massage?

Me too!!!

*wakes up, realizes it was a dream, and calls in sick*


18 thoughts on “Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This”

          1. You’ll probably become famous long before I do. 🙂

            My preference is a good chiropractic adjustment. I’m not talking about the flimsy stuff that guys in white lab jackets do with the incense in expensive office. I’m talking about straight chiropractic without the frills from someone in an ancient office that works on your back until it’s right.


  1. This is really weird but I’ve had that exact day, the clothes and the bath and the champagne and the lipstick…. wait… what!?! Actually I was reading this and thinking, “man I can’t wait to say congratulations on such a great day.” Then you woke up…damn!


    1. I realize this is a very female-centric post but I knew there would be some guys who get it. Especially the part about the lipstick.

      But a day like this is possible. After all, tomorrow is another day. Did someone famous say that? *grin*


  2. Oh, I’ve actually enjoyed days like that. Of course I drove into work at 4am; made and drank the first pot of coffee all by myself. Got loads of work accomplished…and then the crew showed up and the nightmare began. 😉


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