How I deal with yet another snowstorm

Hey there! Umm…you’re here already. Whoa, that was fast. I thought you said 4:30 and look…it’s 4:30! Okay. Well. Huh.

Pour yourself a glass of wine and give me 10 minutes. 

There. That’s done. You were saying?

This is one of the many ways I cope with winter. What are some of your coping strategies?


12 thoughts on “How I deal with yet another snowstorm”

    1. A heated driveway does me no good. Unless it helps the limo pick me up to take me to the airport for my flight to anywhere warm.

      And, opposites attract. Or so they say. Combined, you and Karl could be the perfect man. *wide smile*


      1. It’s interesting that you brought that up. I just read an interesting article on the fine line between art and smut. If you want to read it, you can find the article in last month’s edition of Hot Lesbian Foot Fetish Digest.


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