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Learning to Relax

When the sun is out in Italy, everyone naps.

A sunny day.
A hot shower.
No makeup.
Sun-dried hair.
A good book.
A cappuccino. Or three.
Too much pasta.
A nap on the terrace.
A glass of Proseco.
A bowl of olives.
A chance to do nothing.

This has been my day.

What are you doing today?

14 thoughts on “Learning to Relax”

  1. I was incommunicado yesterday, which only sounds like a place in Italy.

    Woke up too early, because, you know, flying.
    Tried to find a way to order breakfast at a diner without any butter, cheese, milk or eggs in it.
    Tried to convince myself that two pieces of dry toast and a side order of sausage patties was filling.
    Attempted, unsuccessfully, to fill a rental car with gas within five miles of an airport before turning it back in.
    Got to see parts of a city I’d rather not outside of the five mile radius before finally finding the gas station.
    Made it through security without a cavity search.
    Let my wife use the headphones for both legs of the flight because I’m just so damn nice.
    Played with my smart phone to create a new header pic for my blog, because it’s time for some remodeling over there – rumor has it, there’s a chance I might have several thousand unexpected visitors the next time I post at the NWR….


  2. I took a sick day and pretended I was…going to live. I sneezed so much and so forcefully my eyeglasses flew across the room and I’m too weak and tired after also coughing up a lung to care. My nose is chapped from the cheap ass tissues I thought would be a bargain. Now that it looks like I really will live all I can say is…at least I’m not flying today. That’s where I picked up this ridiculous virus. It’s “feed a cold, starve a fever”. Right? Right?


    1. Of course it’s right. Like I would ever disagree with someone in your condition. In fact, what you were going to eat? Double it. Especially if it’s something packed with calories and/or chocolate.

      And when you’re well, get back to blogging. We miss you.


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