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Blogdramedy Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore

Everywhere I go, look, read, I see this headline:

[Fill in the blank with the name of a celebrity] Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore

BDheadshot copyAnd usually when you click on the link, they look exactly the same except they’ve changed from lip stick to lip gloss, or decided to wear boxers instead of briefs. Or they’re promoting a movie and are in costume. So I thought I’d try the same teaser headline to tell you that I don’t look like my avi anymore. I changed the way I part my hair. DON’T PANIC! With the help of highly over-paid celebrity hairstyle professionals, I can switch it back. Can someone lend me $120? —

What’s the wildest thing you’ve done to your hair?


50 thoughts on “Blogdramedy Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore”

    1. So you’re kind of like Kim K. but much prettier and with more style and smarts? I can totally dig that. *grin*

      I’m still blonde and mid-bob length but having issues with Italian electricity, the hair dryer, and the flat iron. Plus the Mister only brought one European adapter for all our electronics. HAIR NIGHTMARE!

      So I’m thinking of getting it chopped. Maybe like this?


    1. Right now I’m surrounded by water so lack of moisture is not an issue. And the same back home. So, I’m leaning that way…if I can find somewhere over here to get it cut. We’re staying in small town of 2800 people but the women all have great haircuts. That’s Italy for you!


  1. Most celebrities don’t look the same–not because of their hair but because of the drugs they guzzle. Lohan is a good example of that. 🙂

    Speaking of druggies….I’m waiting to see how much makeup (or plastic surgery) Princess Leia is going to require for the new Star Wars movie. Hopefully, it won’t be like Harrison Ford’s recent experience landing a plane on a golf course. 🙂


    1. Drugs?! I always thought it was the Botox. But then I’m such an innocent.

      I haven’t kept up-to-speed on the casting for Star Wars. Are you telling me they’re using the original cast? How is that even possible…can any of them still walk?


      1. It looks to me like the story is centered around their children, but the old cast is there, too. From what I understand. It’s really hard to determine from the trailer. All I can tell you is that when Harrison Ford broke his leg, it moved the release date of the moving from Summer to Christmas 2015. 🙂


  2. I woke up this morning and felt like there was a rift in the space-time continuum, or the sense that the last Pop-Tart had just been eaten by one of my kids. This explains it…


      1. I’m certain of that 😉
        And yes, Pop-Tarts do exist, at least until my kids find them. They actually have some new one out that are pretty good (chocolate peanut butter), but I still like the old brown sugar frosting kind. Slightly aged. Raw. With coffee. Actually, I could be describing myself…


      1. I’m been growing it out. Boring.
        The Annie look was great for combating helmet head. We went on some wonderful motorcycle adventures and every time we stopped the helmets would come off and for the next 20 minutes it was brushing and spraying and primping. Not me though. By the time everyone joined me in the restaurant I would have already ordered and my food had arrived. 😉


  3. To raise funds for a charity, offered to dye my hair the school colors of choice of the greatest donations received. Ended up with blue and white hair for quite a while. Loved it, but gained a greater appreciation for the suffering of peroxide blonds. (Blonds being not spelled with an ‘e’, I recently learned). Oh, the misery of stripping your follicles bare naked.


    1. I’ve heard of extreme sports and extreme diets. Never heard of extreme charity…which this sounds like. Happy you were up to the extreme challenge.

      Any chance you’ve got a photo? *looks expectantly hopeful*

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  4. I tried cutting my hair once when I was little. Oh, that doesn’t count? Okay, when I was about 20 I switched from a center part to a side part. I’ve now had the exact same hair style for close to 30 years. OK so that’s not that interesting either. I do change hair gels every once in awhile. Ohhhh… wait, you were probably asking the girls “what’s the wildest thing you’ve done with your hair?”


    1. Hey whoa there. Changing how and where you part your hair is a really big deal. It can change the entire look and shape of your face. Obviously you’ve found that a side part works for you. And I’m glad about that. Because center parts on guys? A little too Three Stooges for us ladies. Unless we’re into that. And then, awesome. *grin*


          1. I keep meaning to watch Justified, since I’m a huge Elmore Leonard fan, but somehow I’ve missed every season of it. My current bourbon is Willett. It’s got a lot of alcohol in it and it’s complex, like me.


            1. I bit the bullet and purchased seasons 1-5 on iTunes. Best money spent ever. I highly recommend it. The actor who portrays Boyd Crowder is spectacular

              On the bourbon, I would expect you’d only drink the most complex of beverages.


    1. Thanks. In the end, I changed my part back to the usual side…AND THEN GOT IT ALL CHOPPED OFF into a short, funky, choppy cut. And I haven’t had to use a dryer since.

      I like it but the Mister is taking bets to see how soon I start talking about letting it grow. *shrugs*

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