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Just Another Day In The Blog Leagues

It’s happened to all us writers. The thing we fear most. Next to writer’s block and running out of vodka.

A typo in your shiny new post.

Even if you’re at the top of your blogging game, you can’t expect to pitch perfect every time you hit the field. I hear having a ritual helps.

What my face looks like when I see a typo.

Not changing your socks is big with some people. In the movie “Bull Durham” the character of Ebby Calvin ‘Nuke’ LaLoosh is convinced engaging in a little nookie would put the jinx on his fastball. I could do that. Better than giving up FRESH socks. Continue reading “Just Another Day In The Blog Leagues”

They can't all be funny

Practice Good Blogging Etiquette, Leave Your Readers Satisfied

Immersing myself in a variety of new and Freshly Pressed blogs recently, I found myself distracted. (It happens. Pause for shocked reaction.) Here’s the thing: it wasn’t the writing. Most of the posts were well written and a few engaging enough to follow.

The number of new blogs dropped every day? Impressive. And yet something was bothering me. I felt vaguely unsatisfied. What was I missing?

Then the voice that lives in my head had a wha-huh? moment and in her best Bette Midler impersonation, belted out: NO COMMENT REPLIES! Continue reading “Practice Good Blogging Etiquette, Leave Your Readers Satisfied”