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TEN Reasons Numbered Posts Are So Yesterday

Who doesn’t love making a list then ticking it off, or as I like to do, getting out a ruler and drawing a nice, neat line right through the middle. Twice.

When did numbered lists become the Kanye of blog posts?

Numbered lists seem to be the itemized notes de jour of online media.

Everywhere you go, someone’s put together a “Reasons Why” or “How To” or “Must Have” list that features numbers. It’s like they’re saying you’re a bad person if reading 106 ways to flambé a chicken is NOT the most important thing you’ll do all day. Too much choice, like too much of anything, is harmful to your (mental) health.

I’m confused enough deciding what side to part my hair in the mornings. Continue reading “TEN Reasons Numbered Posts Are So Yesterday”

Blogging, Humor

My defining moment as an adjective

It's okay. You can touch it.
It’s okay. You can touch it.

When Ally from “My Little Piece Of Quiet” commented on my about page the other day, saying she’d nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award, I was overcome.

By two things: joy and fear.

These two don’t normally go together. Typically, you get one or the other, followed by one or the other. Like if you try skydiving. First, fear. Then, joy. Not that I’d know because you’d never get me geared up, never mind on the plane.

Let me explain.

Like most people, I adore adoration. As a comfort zone, adoration is my natural state of being. Continue reading “My defining moment as an adjective”