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This Day Is Not That Day

Do you ever wake up and think “this could be the best day ever” and then it’s not and you sink into depression and despair, with a little black cloud raining down on you, and your coffee maker goes on the fritz, the toast is burnt, your socks don’t match, you conditioned then shampooed, there’s no good news on the news because Mr. Trump is still running for POTUS, and then someone reminds you that it’s autumn and white skinny jeans are no longer acceptable out-in-public attire and they decide to judge you?

This day is not that day.

Because a friend over at Long Awkward Pause sent me this and totally kicked that day into the gutter. Thanks Chris!

Me and my sunglasses totally fonted out in style. *grin*

19 thoughts on “This Day Is Not That Day”

  1. Reblogged this on Blogdramedy and commented:

    It’s been a while since I posted anything to “Blogdramedy.” That’s because I needed a fresh start and that fresh start included a new blog. And what better way to let you know than by sharing what a friend sent me this morning. So if you came here looking for me, I’m still around only not here. Over there…at Upside of Sideways. Come join me. *grin*

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  2. Girl, where them white jeans. Slap on a pair of cowboy boots and a rodeo belt buckle while you’re at it. In Texas we don’t rightly care what you wear as long as you just show up. We get a little peeved if folks run late, though. We think they are trying that ‘high and mighty’ act on us. Now, if you show up early, we is right fine with that. More time for chit-chat and beer drinking. By the way, you got a pair of size 12 spandex 2% white jeans? Naw, I didn’t think so. I’ll get my chubby ness over to Goodwill before we party.

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    1. *snort* I almost bought a pair of cowboy boots a couple of years ago when in Georgia (I know, should have been Texas) but the ex Mister had a little frowny face so I didn’t. Good thing that’s never happening again. *grin*

      I am never late. Being considerate is important to me plus I wear a watch. And guess what…IT TELLS TIME. What a shocker. I could show up early though, especially if there was BBQ.

      You get out and get those jeans, I’ll bring mine, and I’ll pack a bottle of Oxyclean, as my gift to you. Then after, we ride. *grin*

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  3. Glad to see you back at it! Blogdramedy was the first blog I found and followed on WordPress and I have always appreciated your insight and perspective. Looking forward to your new journey!


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