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A Hashtag to love this Valentine’s Day

This is a rare occurrence for me. Two posts in one day. But it IS Valentine’s Day and if you can’t pull another post out of your bum, especially when it’s about what you love, on this day of all days, you need to put down that box of chocolates and join in.

Hippie Cahier sent out a Tweet asking if I wanted to join in with a free-write via Susie Lindau’s blog: take ten minutes, make a list of things you love and share it. Tell it. Scream it to the world. Okay, maybe not scream but perhaps in your “loud talker” voice. 

So get busy and don’t forget to hashtag it #ShareTheLove.

I love that most people tend to promote #love and not #hate.

I love salted caramel and chocolate. And will probably be eating it later today. See point above.

I love that hope gives us strength.

I love spicy. And so far, spicy loves me.

I love waking up and rolling over to find I have another two hours before the alarm goes.

I love writing.

I love reading good writing.

I love Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.

I love my daughter.

I love that I’m a summer girl.

I love NPR.

I love seeing people reading to their kids.

I love seeing people say “No” to their kids.

I love it when my favorite song comes on the radio.

I love it when FOX News gets it wrong. Again.

I love replying to comments and getting the words just right.

I love wearing sneakers.

I love knowing that I am loved.

I love it when my toast toasts perfectly.

I love when friends bring good conversation and forget the wine. Because I always have extra bottles of wine.

I love that it’s Valentine’s Day and that Susie L. and Hippie C. suggested we #ShareTheLove today.

Do you love?


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