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My defining moment as an adjective

It's okay. You can touch it.
It’s okay. You can touch it.

When Ally from “My Little Piece Of Quiet” commented on my about page the other day, saying she’d nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award, I was overcome.

By two things: joy and fear.

These two don’t normally go together. Typically, you get one or the other, followed by one or the other. Like if you try skydiving. First, fear. Then, joy. Not that I’d know because you’d never get me geared up, never mind on the plane.

Let me explain.

Like most people, I adore adoration. As a comfort zone, adoration is my natural state of being. It’s like love. Before you can love someone else, you have to love yourself first. Same for adoration. I ADORE who I am. Therefore, millions of people around the world must adore me. It’s an ipso facto kind of situation.

Are you feeling nauseous yet?

So, when Ally said she adored my blog, (my words, not hers but close) I felt JOY. That’s the first part. Who doesn’t like knowing someone is reading what you’re writing and finding their own slice of the JOY pie? So there’s that.

But then came the fear. Because there are rules to accepting an award. Most of them were easy. One was not. Let’s take the easy ones first:

1. Include the award on your blog. Done.

2. Link to the person who nominated you. Done.

3. Write down seven things about yourself. I have more than seven things you need to know about me. So I direct you to the “Girl in the Glasses” page. Done.

So far, so good.

It’s number 4 that freaked me out.

Nominate 15 blogs for the award.


I have more than 15 blogs I read. Way more. Too many actually. I can never do them all proper comment justice. It would be almost impossible for me to pick 15 and to ignore the rest.

I had a minor panic attack and contacted Ally immediately.

After she talked me down, we agreed I only had to follow Rules 1-3, and in place of Rule 4, write up a post about how I was nominated.

And it had to be slightly amusing.

I think I’ve accomplished that. But then I think everything I write is adorable. Like a fuzzy little kitten. A SEXY, adorable, fuzzy little kitten.

Someone nominates you for an award. What’s your first reaction?



15 thoughts on “My defining moment as an adjective”

    1. To be fair, Ally was passing on the rules. I’m happy she’s very bendy and let me get away with just writing a post.

      Of course you can come to the after-party boogie fest. Bring your tunes and we’ll have a dance off. Or maybe a dance marathon…we could get sponsors and make some money.

      But first I have to work on my jazz hands.


    1. You need to read between the lines on this post. Because I happen to agree with you but wanted a polite out. On my old blog I had so many nominations I had to find a way to say thanks and do it on my own terms. This way seems to work nicely.

      I’ll go take a read. *grin*


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