The Epitome of Old-School Cool

A friend who knows I’m seriously into black & white photography sent me a selection of images that made me swoon for the old days of cool.

I’ll keep my comments concise and let the images speak for themselves.

Paul Newman. A man to make you slip your clutch.

When middle school kids really knew how to dance.

When the clavicle was sexier than the cleavage.

When the clavicle was sexier than the cleavage.

Fly me to the moon and let me wish we don’t crash on the way.

Fly me to the moon and let me wish we don't crash on the way.

Suit up and embrace the cool.


What dating used to look like.


When swing had nothing to do with key swapping.


A remake of The Godfather?
It’s former Canadian PM, Pierre Elliot Trudeau and entourage.
But I don’t blame you for the confusion.


What texting in class used to look like.


Great package(ing).


I look at my laptop the exact same way when staring at a blank page.
Hold the smoke and Madonna’s bra.


In living color. Seriously digging that Afro.

AfroLove * There were no photo credits so if you know the photographers for these images, I’d love to get their names.


12 thoughts on “The Epitome of Old-School Cool”

    1. I’d agree but one thing is missing.

      The requisite martini glass. I would have LOVED to work there. *grin*

      PS – I completely forgot I’d had this post scheduled. Kind of freaked when I saw I had comments as I wasn’t sure if it was “polished” enough yet to post. Where’s my glass?


  1. Love every one of these shots! People used to know how to dress (she says, brushing Cheetos crumbs off the front of her stained sweats, the only clothes that still fit after months of lying around the house eating all day.)


    1. Sometimes I wish I had lived in a time when you put on a cocktail dress and went out for dinner to a nightclub. Instead of living in a time when you put on your tie-dyed tee and corduroys for dinner at A&W.


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