Cheese Whiz, People! It’s National Cheese Lovers Day!

It’s the one day of the year when fondue is kinda cool.

If you don’t mind Mickey Mouse getting it on with a block of cheese, you’ll enjoy this animation. If you do mind, why are you reading this blog? You should know better by now.

First thought: stamina
Second thought: lucky Minnie
Third thought: that parrot is having an orgasm

Final thought: what’s for lunch? Ham & Swiss on rye anyone?

Endurance. It’s everything in a relationship.

16 thoughts on “Cheese Whiz, People! It’s National Cheese Lovers Day!”

    1. ps I’ve been meaning to tell you I like how you redecorated around here. I’m in a slump and need something new at my place – maybe some new curtains, couple of throw pillows.


      1. Changing my theme is a thing with me. While I agree people should stick to their brand, I’m not a multi-million dollar corporation with shareholders to please.

        I like to think I’m consistent with my inconsistency. That’s a thing. Right?


    1. I don’t know. Having a handle on something with alligator skin should be a good idea. I think Prada thinks so. *grin*

      I’ve been on a low-colesteral diet for a couple of months now and do miss my cheddar.


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