My Free Gift To You This Holiday Season

Not much in life is free. Free, without strings or obligations.

So, when I discovered that WordPress offers up a FREE holiday-themed wallpaper…for FREE…I jumped into that like the olives jump into my martini glass.

To all the bloggers I’ve met over the years, and to all the bloggers I’ve yet to meet, I wish you sincere best wishes for a joyous holiday, a merry Christmas, a happy Chanukah, and a [fill in the blank] holiday, and a spectacular 2015!

Did I mention this image was FREE?

(Technically, this is not my FREE gift to you but rather a FREE gift from WordPress. But it’s the holidays. Let’s not quibble.)


5 thoughts on “My Free Gift To You This Holiday Season”

      1. I could only wish. My husband doesn’t throw stuff out, and there is stuff in here I would sooooo love to pitch. But just when I’m ready to say, “I’m going to pitch all of this @#$%^&$ stuff” one of the things I was going to pitch ends up saving us time and money.


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